July 23, 2018

Works by De Kooning found in storage locker

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In 2016 a Belgian had scored a Willem de Kooning painting at flea market, and now an American art dealer in New York has found works that are probably by de Kooning, as well as a work by Swiss-German Paul Klee in a New Jersey storage locker for which he paid 15.000 USD (12.819 euro).

The art dealer bought the storage locker after an auction house had passed up the opportunity to do so, which indicated it probably didn’t have anything of value, but boy were they wrong if this all pans out.

However, the paintings are not signed. The Willem de Kooning Foundation based in Manhattan does not authenticate works, so the dealer hired an expert who believes that they absolutely are by De Kooning and are worth millions of dollars.

(Links: theguardian.com, Photo of Willem de Kooning by Smithsonian Institution Archives, some rights reserved)

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