December 21, 2010

Dutch foot stickers by Nike instead of shoes

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Dutch designer Frieke Severs has come up with ‘Footstickers’ for Nike. She’s probably better known for her FiveFingers made by Vibram, but either way, her footware looks pretty cool to me. Footstickers are made of a flexible material and a unique shape are are meant for activities such as yoga and cardio excercises.

I can’t help but add two cultural comments for the non-Dutch speaking crowd. First, in Dutch, gloves are called ‘handschoenen’, which literally translates to ‘hand shoes’. Second, ‘halve zolen’ (singular, ‘halve zool’), two words in the title of the link below, means ‘idiot’ in Dutch. I love a good linguistic coincidence.

(Link and image: idealize)

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