March 8, 2013

Privacy issues could make Royal awards awkward

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Every year, municipalities hold a ceremony to hand out decorations of the Order of Orange-Nassau. However, this year municipalities won’t receive any personal information about the recipients due to privacy issues, which could lead to embarrassing situations, according to the city of Venlo, Limburg.

What if someone has died? City officials won’t know and still have to send a letter to find out the hard way. What if a person has moved? Officials won’t know either and the recipients won’t get their decoration. The mayor of Venlo, Antoin Scholten, has a point.


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January 6, 2008

Man refuses medal, not prestigious enough

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A few days ago, the former mayor of the town of Scheemda, Groningen, Jan Leegwater was named a Member in the Order of Orange-Nassau (Orde van Oranje-Nassau in Dutch). However, he thought he deserved more and returned the medal. Leegwater feels he should at least have been knighted (second to last rank before Member, last rank) or even been named Commander of the Order of Orange-Nassau (third best).


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