March 27, 2008

Oh nose, more hyperrealistic papercraft

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[photo of three papercraft heads, stuck to a wall]

Heerlen-born, Rotterdam-based artist Bert Simons makes these scarily realistic papercraft models, by first making 3D models of real subjects. Playing with the uncanny valley, eh? Dude uses Free Software, namely the 3D package Blender (originally from Dutch company Not a Number, but released as GPL software after a donation drive); and Ubuntu for his web server.

See also: Papercraft models of the industrial age.

Via Boingboing. Source photo: Bert Simons.

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March 21, 2008

Papercraft models of the industrial age

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In Jasper de Beijer‘s work-in-progress The Riveted Kingdom, the photographer pays homage to “the sheer exuberance of the grand engineering projects of the Victorian era”. His method is to create papercraft models, then take beautiful photographs of them.

Via BoingBoing, via Noel.


October 13, 2007

Grumm the foldable paper robot model

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Martijn Kamstra offers PDFs and JPEGs of a grim paper robot called Grumm. Print, cut, fold. There are two versions: a textured one (see photo) and a blank one that you can draw over yourself. Kamstra has also documented the design process of this papercraft project. BoingBoing mentions that “Kamstra wants photos of your own coloring jobs”.

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