January 11, 2008

Pig saved from death has own webcam

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Caesar the pig didn’t want to go quietly into the abbatoir and was bought by pig farmer Dafne Westerhof who now has him on display through a webcam. The 315-kilo pig, raised by a bio farmer, simply refused to walk into the abbatoir. They both tried to transport him in a trailer, Caesar just wouldn’t go. He rammed so hard against the side of the trailer that he knocked out the side panel. Westerhof then decided to buy the pig for 2,000 euro. Caesar now lives on Westerhof’s farm Het Beloofde Varkensland (The Promised Pigland) in Amstelveen.

Check out Caesar’s Palace, the webcam. He is cute.

(Link: vleesmagazine.nl, Photo: varkensgeluk)

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November 27, 2007

Vegetarians don’t know the half of it

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Anyone who reads the book PIG 05049 by Rotterdam designer Christien Meindertsma gets to read all about the things made using pigs. Matches, lotions, desserts, beer, lemonade, car paint, pills, bread, sweets and even green energy should be entirely avoided by any real vegetarian or vegan and anyone whose religious beliefs has an issue with piggies. Chances are, they barely know any of this, as PIG 05049 has discovered 187 uses for pigs in quite unusual places. I’m sure I’ve seen a vegetarian use a match or a Jew drive a car…

PIG 05049 will be on sale as of December, and in the summer of 2008, Meindertsma will have a warehouse full of pig products in the Rotterdam Kunsthal during an exhibition called ‘Kunsthal Kookt’ (‘The Kunsthal is cooking’).

(Link: vleesmagazine.nl)

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