October 30, 2009

Chips, Halloween, pumpkins and oranges

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I used to associate Old Dutch with a cleanser and now I discover that my Canadian childhood brand of chips (not crisps, eh) went from Humpty Dumpty to Old Dutch. Sure, the real Dutch people have chips (and don’t call them crisps, either), but Halloween chips is a North American invention this time. The bags are small and given to children dressed in costumes when they go trick or treating, which means going door to door asking for candy (and not sweets). We were the people that gave kids small boxes of raisins or pencils and erasers instead of junk food. When your big bag is full, you go home, throw out the stuff you won’t eat and sort your candies. My younger brother used to hide them and eat them all year round.

Right now, on every street corner and market, people are selling pumpkins to make jack-o’- lanterns, which are pumpkins gutted and carved to put candles in that give Halloween its look. We make pumpkin pie and dry the seeds and eat them. Pumpkins seeds are extremely healthy apparently.

Why am I explaining all of this? Because the Dutch do not celebrate Halloween, and although they do throw a few great parties for adults (and people, you really need to work on your costumes), it’s not the big deal it is in Canada and the United States. Dutch friends have told me that children of North American parents have a celebration for their kids, which is something they cannot skip. And in Canada once it’s over, all the Halloween stuff will disppear instantly in the stores and make way for Christmas stuff.

The market picture of these oranges in Montréal where I have been hiding for the last 10 days is totally unrelated and should be plural.

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October 16, 2007

24 pumpkins – visiting Canada

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We’ll leave the political scandals and rantings to the Dutch newspapers. Only two souls post at 24 oranges (we are always looking for more – drop us an e-mail – no really!), and one of them is enjoying a vacation in Québec, Canada, where these lovely pumpkins were snapped.

Canada celebrates Halloween, while the Netherlands does not. When the Dutch do try to celebrate it, they often take elements of Christmas and give them an orange and black twist, like cakes and gifts. It’s weird.

And then a note to those city employees that make so much noise blowing leaves in the street twice a week and in some places on Sundays:


They sell plastic garbage bags with funny faces here that look like Halloween pumpkins. They are more efficient, nicer and the kids like to help rake the leaves. It has to be cheaper and less noisy than those stupid blowers.

More real news tomorrow, although this has a Dutch-Canadian connection.

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