January 23, 2008

Dutch-British duo burst onto Korean pop scene

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Although the first article seems to only talk about Rebecca Strachan, the British girl, we are here to hold up the Dutch end, Sharon Schilperoord. As I post this, their video has had some 222,000 hits.

Rebecca’s love of Asian music began in 2003 after searching for the soundtrack to her favourite computer game Final Fantasy. She began studying Japanese at college and taught herself Korean.

Rebecca Strachan’s success story began when she and Dutch friend Sharon Schilperoord posted a video of themselves singing a popular Korean song.

Within five days of being uploaded, the video received more than 65,000 hits and hundreds of people were leaving comments about how well the western pair had performed tricky pronunciation.

Read an interview with both Rebecca and Sharon in English on Boajjang.

(Link: ananova.com)

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