February 5, 2008

Prayer party against porno on television

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This one is for all of you out there who think that the Dutch are so very liberal and totally relaxed about sex, drugs and rock & roll.

A huge brouhaha has been created by a Dutch television station that will be broadcasting the 1972 porno film Deep Throat after 10 pm I might add on Feb 23. As if all those R&B videos with ‘hos’, those sex programmes with couples getting married naked in Jamaica and misleading webcam sites haven’t taken up enough space on television already.

Apparently, a bunch of religious fanatics (yes, we have those too) led by former evangelical television director Bert Dorenbos have decided to pray on Friday 8 February and Friday 15 February by the television broadcast tower to try and stop the broadcasting of the film.

1. Unless you take the tower out Jack Bauer style, you’re wasting your time. I hope it rains really hard.
2. Are you blind to all that other porn-like stuff on TV or just having Christian tunnel vision?
3. Don’t watch, no one is forcing you. You can always rent it if you change your mind.

(Link: fok.nl)

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