June 25, 2020

New wharf cellars discovered in Utrecht

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According to Utrecht city council, some previously unknown 60 wharf cellars have been discovered in the city’s centre. The council says that there are some 200 addresses with cellars of which the state of disrepair is unknown and that they are planning to look at more closely. An inspection should provide the best possible idea of the state of wharves in the city and what preventive and safety measures are needed.

Covid permitting (always check first), visitors can take a walking tour of canals and wharf cellars. As well, this latest discovery could make the tours even more exciting.

According to Wikipedia, Utrecht has 732 wharf cellars built around 1150. They were originally used as storage and other spaces for goods to be transported over water. One cool fact about them is that they can be found under roads.

(Link: www.rtvutrecht.n, Photo of Utrecht Nieuwegracht wharf by Japiot, some rights reserved)

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March 18, 2019

Sudden street name changes hurts business

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A couple from the small town of Soesterberg, Utrecht apparently woke up one day to find out that their street had changes name, from Sterrenbergweg to Sternbergweg. Google and the likes point to Sterrenbergweg, while there are no streets called Sternbergweg in the Netherlands.

They thought maybe it was a mistake, but walked down the street to read Sternbergweg once more, so in fact, it’s probably a huge mistake. What’s more, they run a business from their home and have had to tell their clients that their street name has changed for reasons unknown, which has costs them money. And I bet they’ll have to do another round if and when the town fixes the mistake or doubles down and have to compensate people for messing up their lives.

Of course, they contacted the town, but have to wait a whopping 14 days for an answer, which is a good reason to go to the media. They love their town, but this has upset them quite a bit. Their theory is also that whomever ordered the signs can’t spell.

People make mistakes, but when it forces people to incur costs, that’s not OK. We’ll keep you posted.

(Link: .rtvutrecht.nl)

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