June 24, 2018

Dutch robots win big at Robocup 2018

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Last weekend the Eindhoven University of Technology won two major European prizes at the RoboCup 2018, held in Montreal, Canada. The team from Eindhoven won the Middle Size League, which is the most important football category where two robot teams play real football against each other without any human intervention. However, the final was won by the Portuguese CAMBADA 2-0. In all, 35 countries were competing for prizes.

Eindhoven University of Technology also won a prize with their robot Amigo in a category that tests the socially helpful abilities of robots in a home environment. Amigo beat the first and third places of the championship last year, both from Germany.

(Links: bright.nl, robocup2018.org, Photo of RoboCup2013 in Eindhoven by RoboCup2013, some rights reserved)

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