September 20, 2015

Sleeping in a life-size sand castle hotel

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Inspired by European ice hotels, two pop-up hotels (‘zandhotels’) made out of very 1000 tons of compact sand have opened in Oss, Noord-Brabant and Sneek, Friesland, which are already fully booked for this year. However, you can visit the one in Oss until 28 September and the one in Sneek until 4 October during nearby sand sculpture festivals.

The hotel’s basic structure is made of thin walls, covered inside and out with reinforced sand for sturdiness, while basics such as the shower, bathroom and bed are made out of normal materials.

Some media are calling it a world first, we’ll stay in our sandbox and call it a Dutch first.

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December 20, 2010

Onix declared Architects of the Year 2010

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Onix from Groningen (and from Helsingborg, Denmark) were unanimously declared Architect of the Year 2010 last week. The jury praised among others the power of their innovation, their craftsmanship, their consistent societal attitude and their sense of responsibility.

Levs Architects from Amsterdam won the audience award after an online vote, Bright reports.

(Photo of an Onix bridge in Sneek, Friesland by Flickr user JelleS, some rights reserved. The bridge won its makers another prize, the Wood Innovation Award 2010.)

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