May 28, 2018

Student runs top sushi restaurant from dorm room

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Thai student Kitsanin Thanyakulsajja lives in a dorm room in Amsterdam where he has been running underground sushi restaurant Ephemeral for about three years. Thanyakulsajja will be stopping soon to start writing his thesis because that’s why he came to Amsterdam in the first place: to study.

With no restaurant experience and instead of ‘peeling potatoes’ at some Dutch eatery for low wages, he decided to open up an omakase joint, offering a very fancy 15-course Japanese meal, prepared and served by him in his dorm room, complete with a Tokyo-style counter and traditional Japanese tableware.

According to Munchies, within the last year, Ephemeral has been visited by some of Amsterdam’s most popular food critics, all of whom gave rave reviews. Local Michelin-starred chefs have also eaten here, many of whom expressed an interest in working with with the young student-stroke-chef in the future, if ever his studies bring him on a different path. Thanyakulsajja already has plans to collaborate with other restaurants and introduce Project Omakase to the wider Amsterdam food scene.

Then there’s the elephant in the dorm room: it’s probably illegal, but apparently nobody has a problem with this because everyone is raving about it.

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