November 25, 2008

Viktor & Rolf’s million dollar doll house

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Today “The House of Viktor & Rolf” opens in Centraal Museum in Utrecht, a retrospective exhibition of Dutch fashion design duo Viktor & Rolf. Apart from presenting many of the pieces the prolific pair produced in the past, the exhibition also contains a huge doll house with dolls dressed in the deft duo’s drag. The dolls wear exact miniature replicas of the original looks “as presented back then at the shows in Paris.”

According to RTL Nieuws (video, Dutch), the doll house took two years to complete. The clothing for some of the dolls took more time to make than the original designs. The house + dolls cost 1.7 million euro, but after the exhibition has completed its tour of Utrecht and New York, the museum can have it for the bargain basement price of … 1 million euro.

Says the museum:

In 1998 Centraal Museum was the first museum to buy designs from Viktor & Rolf. Since then the museum has been keeping track of the duo by buying a representative piece from almost every collection. Currently, the museum owns 29 pieces by Viktor & Rolf, a large part of which will be shown at the exhibition.

The exhibition runs from today till February 8.

Photo by Centraal Museum / Peter Stigter, used with permission.

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