Dutch humour at work not a big hit



It appears that major European managers do not appreciate Dutch humour. Only 4% of top managers think the Dutch are funny, according to this year’s UPS Europe Business Monitor. Some 1,450 top managers from seven European countries gave their opnion.

British humour came out on top. Some 34% of Belgians, French, Germans, Italians, Dutch, Spanish and British found the British the funniest. Interestingly enough, the biggest fans of British humour are the Brits themselves, as 59% chose their fellow countrymen. The Dutch and Germans aren’t funny, and the least funny of all are the Danish, Austrians and Swedes.



  1. DUTCHMAN says:

    British Humour SUCKS!!!

  2. Jean-Marc says:

    See (above)? They can’t even take a joke, let alone make one. I’ve lived in the Netherlands for 15 years and the funniest thing about the Dutch is their curious penchant for orange trousers.

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