Groningen house owners to pee sitting down


meerstad1.jpgin a hospital sounded like a good idea, but what about in people’s homes?

Residents of the upcoming Meerstad neighbourhood in Groningen, Groningen province will probably have to pee sitting down permanently so that their urine can be separated. Contrary to the hospital that wanted to avoid putting medication in the sewage system, the environmentally friendly pee seperating project initiators, Hunze en Aa’s want to use the urine to help grow maize and cabbage. The whole point is that Meerstad is to become a really green neighbourhood.

Orangemaster’s note: it’s interested how men and small children are at a disadvantage, but not women. Just a thought.

(Link tip: ANP, via Dutch news)


  1. Karl says:

    Why don’t they just put some sort of wee-catcher at the back of the bowl too? Keep everybody happy.

  2. The wages would be prohibitive.

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