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Bird friendly lighting at sea



The Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) and Philips have recently developed a new type of lighting for oil and gas platforms that is ‘bird friendly’. The lights give off a limited part of the colour spectrum, which distract birds less when they fly over the North Sea, making their journey much safer. A platform of the NAM, just off the Dutch coast at the height of the island of Vlieland, is currently testing the new lighting. The primary results are apparently very positive, according to NAM and Philips.

Remember, this is a country that builds bridges for frogs and wildlife.

(Link: De Gelderlander)

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  1. anon says:

    Now I’m intrigued…what does a frog bridge look like?

  2. Orangemaster says:

    Ok, bridge is a big word, they build tunnels so that frogs can cross roads with getting squished.

  3. rob says:

    Vlieland is an island.

  4. Orangemaster says:

    Then please correct this article:

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