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crazy frogThe Ringtone Society, a platform initiated in the Netherlands by Muzieklab for the artistic development of the ringtone, has been invited by the Grand Canyon Music Festival this month to take part in the festival’s 2007 Native American Composers Apprentice Project (NACAP), for a unique new ringtone initiative in Arizona, USA.

The Ringtone Society, in partnership with New York-based string quartet ETHEL will work with young Native American composers to produce a series of new ringtones. These new mini-compositions will be performed and recorded during the festival.

According to Theo Andriessen, initiator of The Ringtone Society, the public is fed up with terribly produced ringtones that overflow the market. “It is time for an artistic offensive. The ringtone offers a new creative challenge for musicians and composers and a chance to be heard by a new public at several different locations.” The Ringtone Society has already collected more than 500 unique ringtones, poetry tones and videotones worldwide and has been a featured presenter at the popfestival Lowlands in Holland and the Melbourne International Art Festival in Australia.

(Link:, via webwatch)

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