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Lamps in a box made to look like lamps


The designers at Huh have come up with lamps in boxes with cut-outs that look like lamps. Think Jack-o-Lantern gone meta. In one design the light coming from the box paints a table top lamp with a long and bendy three-armed stand, and in another it paints the ceiling lamp that it is. BoingBoing, who wrote about this, call it “a witty little play on the IKEA-style flatpack world of fixtures and furniture.”

Interior Matters sell the Not A Lamp online for EUR 55. They also sell other Huh products. Unfortunately their site is only in Dutch.

(Orangemaster’s tip: These lamps have been adorning a newly opened clothing shop called Das Wella Warenhaus on the Keizersgracht corner Berenstraat in Amsterdam.)

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  1. Branko Collin says:

    Branko’s tip: Wella Warenhaus apparently sells Huh stuff too, according to the latter’s website. I did not mention them in the article, because they have no on-line shop.

  2. Orangemaster says:

    But they have lovely Dutch designed clothing :)

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