Bacteria from Groningen into space



Today a big ol’ bunch of bacteria gets a tour of space. The Groningen company Bioclear is sending them into space in order to test a new type of biological air filter.

The bacteria is hitching a ride with the Russian Soyuz capsule (probably not this one) being launched from Kazakhstan. Within two days, the Soyuz will be coupled to the International Space Station (ISS) and will remain spinning around the earth until 23 October.

Of course, if you read Dutch, the comments related to this news story poking fun at other recent news in Groningen (HIV party, the slogan ‘nothing tops Groningen’, etc.) is a real gas. Feel free to ask us.


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  1. Branko Collin says:

    Unless Roskosmos have changed procedure with the reintroduction of the Space Shuttle, the Soyuz will remain attached to the ISS for longer than that. Typically the permanent crew will leave with the Soyuz they arrived on, meaning that the current crew will leave with the craft that is already attached to the ISS, and the new crew will leave in half a year (around May) with the one that was launched yesterday.

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