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If we can believe the hype, the world’s first pocket-size DJ system, The Pacemaker (weird name) will be shown to the public for the first time at the Amsterdam Dance Event this weekend, with people walking around, showing you how it works. It’s the next step from the iPod DJ systems because it’s small and fits in your pocket. Being able to walk around with 180 GB of music is very cool indeed. Needless to say it’s not cheap, not yet available and let’s see what the real DJs have to say about it first.

UPDATE: Laurent Chambon, journalist and DJ at the event says, “Very cool thing, but a bit small. Risky for the DJ without the protection of a booth. I prefer using my Mac and Traktor.”

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  1. Correction. I’ve seen the machine, I’ve talked to the guy who makes it, and I’ve seen the interface (on your computer). It’s great, it’s the future of DJing.
    People won’t be busy with technical stuff (it mixes almost automatically), but with the music itself. Back to basics: selectig the right music for the right people.
    I want one for christmas (hint!)…

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