Librivox wants readers for Camera Obscura


Librivox is a project that produces public domain audiobooks. It has its volunteers record their readings of books that are in the public domain. Currently, the project is looking for new volunteers that want to participate in recording Nicolaas Beets’ Camera Obscura, a collection of short stories and essays in Dutch. To help out you need little more than a relatively modern computer, recording software (the free, cross-platform Audacity will do just fine) and a fast internet connection (to upload the result). The only piece of equipment that you may not have is good microphone. A good microphone almost certainly means an active USB mike, either a condenser mike or a dynamic one. You can use the cheaper microphones that typically come with your PC, but these often produce too much noise for the signal they provide.

See also at 24 Oranges: Dutch audiobooks at Librivox. Disclaimer: I am a volunteer of both Librivox and Project Gutenberg, the organization that provides Librivox with most of its source texts.

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