Giant cat story not over yet


Poor big cat Shin-Chan has been caged up at Schiphol Airport (but not in this picture) for almost two weeks now, as customs is not sure it should be allowed into the Netherlands. Inspectors want to know if the giant cat, a cross between an Asian leopard cat and a African serval with some house cat mix, is kosher (figuratively speaking). The owners of the cat have decided to hire celeb lawyer Bram Moszkowicz who should get things moving. Having paid a whopping EUR 19,000 for their cat, they want to enjoy it.

And then there’s stuff on the net that points to a scam.


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  1. […] back in January 2008 we wrote a story about Shin-Chan, a giant Ashera cat (pic) that had been caged up at Schiphol Airport and not allowed to enter the […]

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