World premiere: working robot at filling station



Filling station owner Nico van Staveren will have a techno world premiere next week once a robot starts working at one of his filling stations in Emmeloord, Flevoland. Tankpitstop the Robot (typically Dutch with three words stuck together) will fill ‘er up without the driver having to get out of the car. Emmeloord companies Rotec Engineering and N. Van Staveren B.V. worked for three year under deep cover to come up with the tanking robot. It’s perfect for the handicapped or the less mobile and it won’t mean less jobs. On 4 February Minister Maria van der Hoeven of Economic Affairs will officially inaugurate the first Tankpitstop.


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  1. alberto says:

    Ho depositato un brevetto a piacenza italia un sistema di rifornimento

    carburanti automatizzato per auto e camion mi sa che l’hanno copiati e sono

    venuti in olanda a farlo era la mia pensione in italia e’ una
    guerra fate attenzione

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