Not speakerphone, Spyker phone



According to the, Dutch luxury car manufacturer Spyker presented a new mobile phone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The device looks pretty much like an iPhone, has a touch screen and a small number pad. CNET, who discovered the phone at the congress, was impressed with it and described it as the best iPhone clone to date. And it’s not the first Spyker comes up with a phone either. They once had a Nokia look-a-like.

Since this phone says Spyker, it can be freely coordinated with your Porsche perfume, your Ferrari hat and your Jaguar key chain.

(Link: Spyker phone, Photo:


  1. Jaun Millalonco says:

    Just wanted to say great job with the blog, today is my first visit here and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts so far :)

  2. Thanks Juan/Jaun, we’re glad you like it.

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