Hiding child pornogaphy instead of stopping it



According to Dutch columnist and publicist Karin Spaink, the KLPD (National Police Services Agency) have a list of Dutch child pornography sites in their possession and are not really doing anything to shut these sites down. Instead, they point to Dutch ISPs saying that they should filter these sites. That still doesn’t sound like shutting the sites down.

Although the list was secret, Spaink managed to find out that four Dutch websites were on the list, with hosters in Utrecht and Haarlem. After looking at the sites, the KLPD agreed that at least two of the sites clearly hosted child pornography, while the other two are still being investigated. According to spokesman Ed Kraszewski of the KLPD, their list only had foreign sites – before Spaink got a hold of their list.

Here is a list, readily available online, taken from the Finnish police. You just need to scan to see all those Dutch sites.

England, the US and the Netherlands. What was the argument for filtering these sites again? “The sites can’t be shut down by the police because they are often in countries with no legislation for this kind of thing.” (Taken from Webwereld, 23 maart 2007). Since when is Haarlem and Utrecht somewhere in Russia or Eastern Europe?

Just filtering sites is not enough. And UPC, the only Dutch ISP that actually bothers to filter child pornography sites, has a filter that doesn’t work, if we can believe the many comments left by UPC clients on Spaink’s blog who found out first hand what kiddie porno really looks like.

(Link Karin Spaink’s blog)

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