Webcam handles age check in supermarkets



Why have unmotivated personnel slow the cue down to ask for ID in order to sell alcohol and cigarettes when technology can do it for you?

Dutch super market chain C1000 lets ‘experts’ check the age of ‘spotted teenagers’ faces’ by looking at those faces through a webcam. Now that must be a real motivating job as ‘professional verification employee’. I can picture all the cheap jokes they make during the day. I know I would.

The system, called Plaaaza (yes, three a’s, no idea why) offers a fully automated outsourced solution for the age check that the government requires when selling alcohol and cigarettes.

When someone clearly has wrinkles, the transaction is not a problem, but when spots are spotted (pardon the pun), the second webcam installed at the cash is activated, so that the young person can show their ID card up to it.

For those who do not know, the Dutch require a person to be 16 to buy cigarettes and alcohol (albeit only beer and wine).


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