June 5, 2015

‘Magic’ roundabout in Purmerend viewed by 250,000 so far

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The first webcam I ever watched back in the mid nineties was that of a litterbox were viewers waited to spot the cat using it. Over the litterbox there would be different messages everyday like ‘send tuna’. If you caught the cat going to the box you were asked to take a screenshot of it (nobody had digital cameras or mobile phones with digital cameras back then), you could send it to the owner and he would send you something cool, I don’t remember.

The Archie software company in Purmerend has set up a webcam on a roundabout to test its software. Funny thing is some 250,000 Dutch people have checked it out and it’s getting traction. A journalist on Twitter who wrote about it said he witnessed a car that wouldn’t yield to a scooter, which they should do, making his viewing ‘eventful’. For anyone who wants to see how a typical Dutch town deals with bike paths and cars, this is for you. The stream is in 1080HD and looks good.

It makes me want to go and skate around it for a while. For all we know a happening is being planned. A marching band going around in circles, could be fun. Stay tuned.

(Link: nieuws.nl)

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March 14, 2011

Eight nest cams in the Netherlands

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Vogelbescherming Nederland (the Dutch bird protection society) has set up web cams in and near 8 different bird nests. This spring you can watch two types of owl, a pair of storks, barn swallows, kingfishers, nuthatches, a pair of herons and a couple of peregrine falcons in the privacy of their homes while they try and raise their kids.

Each nest sports several cameras. You can also watch the favourite clips of the site’s moderators. Four of the bird types are on the red list, which means the birds are endangered.

Link: Holly Moors.

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March 1, 2010

Online bird watching with webcams

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The Dutch bird protection society (Vogelbescherming) has webcams on the birds of eight nests so people can watch the birds from a safe distance and maybe catch a glimpse of eggs hatching.

“Among the birds being monitored are various owls and birds of prey, a stork and a coal tit. It is the fourth year in a row that the bird society has installed webcams close to nests.”

Pick a webcam here.

(Link: dutchnews.nl, Photo: beleefdelente.nl)

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April 21, 2008

Webcam handles age check in supermarkets

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Why have unmotivated personnel slow the cue down to ask for ID in order to sell alcohol and cigarettes when technology can do it for you?

Dutch super market chain C1000 lets ‘experts’ check the age of ‘spotted teenagers’ faces’ by looking at those faces through a webcam. Now that must be a real motivating job as ‘professional verification employee’. I can picture all the cheap jokes they make during the day. I know I would.

The system, called Plaaaza (yes, three a’s, no idea why) offers a fully automated outsourced solution for the age check that the government requires when selling alcohol and cigarettes.

When someone clearly has wrinkles, the transaction is not a problem, but when spots are spotted (pardon the pun), the second webcam installed at the cash is activated, so that the young person can show their ID card up to it.

For those who do not know, the Dutch require a person to be 16 to buy cigarettes and alcohol (albeit only beer and wine).

(Link: webwereld.nl)

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