Cargo bike with 8 seats for children


This cargo bike (bakfiets) concept seats eight children and a hapless grown up who has to somehow keep an eye on that merry bunch and pedal too. Luckily for the cyclist, an electric helper motor is part of the plan, which was thought up by amongst others Henny Grave from Deventer (Dutch) and Gazelle’s Van der Veer Designers.

The design was originally born as part of a project to help parents fetch children after school. Grave has bigger plans though, and hopes to transport the elderly from and to the railway station with this bike, tourists around town, and garbage to wherever garbage needs to be.

Source sketch: Van der Veer Designers. Via Dagelinks (Dutch).


  1. mIrjam de Kramer says:

    A very good initiative. We will sure use such bikes for our children.

  2. celine says:

    génial !!!!
    c’est un prototype ????
    où pouvons nous avoir plus de renseignements ?

  3. Orangemaster says:

    @celine: Informez-vous auprès de

    Bref, suivez les liens dans le blog.

  4. […] company also makes bikes with a bar like the beer bikes we posted about. Then, there’s also cargo bikes for 8 kids, with an adult peddling […]

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