July 19, 2018

Dutch police start using expandable batons

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The Dutch police are learning all about a the expandable or telescopic baton that has the ‘desired effect’, that the shorter, older ones didn’t have. The expandable baton is more modern and more effective, according to pilots carried out in Deventer and Zwolle. A lot of other police forces around the world use them as well.

The expandable baton is being phased in, just like with other weapons, and the cops need to be trained to use them properly. At the end of this year if all goes well, all Dutch cops will be sporting the new baton. Trainer Michael Huijs seen in the video below assures us that although this is a new weapon, the rules on how and when to use violence haven’t changed.

Check this Dutch video for how the Dutch police train their folks on using these new batons:

(Link: politie.nl, Photo of Expandable baton by Dmg ie, some rights reserved)

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May 7, 2016

Citizens’ fingerprints adorn windows of new Deventer city hall

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stadhuis-deventer-portraitTwo weeks ago the city of Deventer officially got a new city hall.

One of its prominent features is an artwork by Loes ten Anscher called Raamwerk Deventer which consists of the blown-up metal fingerprints of 2,264 citizens that cover windows both on outside and inside walls.

An early design for a new city hall had a number of difficulties to overcome. It was protested ten years ago for being obtrusive and the brouhaha even brought down two successive city governments. The architects of that design, Neutelings Riedijk from Rotterdam, were asked to return to their drawing boards, which they did. They came up with something better, something that impressed NRC.next: “Design driven by political noise usually ends up being a tepid compromise or an outright failure […]. But the City Hall Quarters, as the collection of old and new buildings is called, has become an exemplary complex in both an architectural and an urban design sense. The city hall is an example of how well a new building can function in an old city centre.”

Loes ten Anscher hopes that by using their fingerprints, the citizens will come to feel that the new building also belongs to them.

A more cynical person, like me, might see the usage of thousands of fingerprints more like a celebration of the utter disdain with which Dutch governments sometimes treat their citizens’ right to privacy. But hey, it looks really pretty, right?

(Photo: Deventer Stadhuiskwartier)

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June 23, 2015

Football club brings VIP supporters to away game

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Deventer’s football club the Go Ahead Eagles held a contest, and the prize was a dream trip to the club’s next away game in Hungary for two on 9 July. Problem is, the club’s away game against Budapest’s Ferencváros was to be held behind closed doors, with no supporters allowed due to some penalization given to the Hungarian club by the UEFA.

The couple who won the prize, Henk de Haan and his wife, a long-time volunteer, were afraid their dream trip would be cancelled. The aptly named Go Ahead Eagles put their heads together and came up with a solution: they are going to make the couple board members of the club today so they can come along. The couple are to appointed to the board later today.

(Link: www.ad.nl, Photo of Football by Bramus, some rights reserved)

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November 2, 2010

HEMA cakes with Hitler greetings and anti-Islamic text

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Two Dutch women artists decided to test the limits of what HEMA (major chain store) would accept to reproduce on a cake from a photo in the cities of Enschede and Deventer. They ordered seven cakes, of which three were rejected.

An authentic old picture of a Hitler greeting wasn’t a problem and neither were tompouces with ‘Islamic culture is backwards’ on them, a well-known phrase uttered by murdered politician Pim Fortuyn a few years back.

What didn’t make the cut was a man with an erection and a woman with her legs open and a heart hiding anything indecent. So erotic is out (the store claimed that was porn), but ‘fascist’ politics are in. Now you know too. Let’s be fair, both cities are far from the country’s capital and have different values and political views. That’s my polite way of saying people there are more shocked by sex and clearly vote more to the right as of late.

The General Terms and Conditions of HEMA say that the pictures, “cannot go against the law, must show good morals and cannot have any religious content”. Obviously the people who made these cakes at HEMA never read any of that or don’t understand what it meant.

(Links: welingelichtekringen, ad)

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May 27, 2008

Cargo bike with 8 seats for children

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This cargo bike (bakfiets) concept seats eight children and a hapless grown up who has to somehow keep an eye on that merry bunch and pedal too. Luckily for the cyclist, an electric helper motor is part of the plan, which was thought up by amongst others Henny Grave from Deventer (Dutch) and Gazelle’s Van der Veer Designers.

The design was originally born as part of a project to help parents fetch children after school. Grave has bigger plans though, and hopes to transport the elderly from and to the railway station with this bike, tourists around town, and garbage to wherever garbage needs to be.

Source sketch: Van der Veer Designers. Via Dagelinks (Dutch).


September 23, 2007

Police officer forces brutality witness to delete movie

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A man from Deventer has filed a complaint against a police officer who forced him to delete video footage of a violent arrest, according to De Stentor. The policeman had just arrested another man for being drunk and disorderly. When his prisoner tried to escape though, the policeman started beating and kicking him, according to the witness.

The local chief of police, Lute Nieuwerth, tried to add oil to the flames when talking to De Stentor by coming up with some of the regular fallacies; blame the victim, sometimes excessive force is not excessive, yada, yada, yada.

The 19-year-old victim of the beating has not filed a complaint.

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