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Dutch-born photographer Annet Van Der Voort lives in Germany and photographs time going by and the time that has gone by, two things that interest her very much. Her series A Lifetime (1998-1999) features portraits of centenarian women and a series of small photographs of beauty queens, which were made at the time that these women were still young. The still prevailing ideals about beauty and youth are placed next to the natural aging process that everyone goes through: an idealised image is linked through time with a face upon which life has left its mark. With Lifetime Annet van der Voort raises questions about youth, age and beauty. How long can beauty be maintained? What does our mortality do to us?

Annet van der Voort has had some 20 solo exhibitions, including in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. Her work has been acquired by various international museums. In September 2008 she will be part of the Lyon Septembre de la photographie in France.

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