Spectacular theatre group Dogtroep to close shop


Dogtroep = wild theatre, outdoors, stunts, “live locations”, pyrotechnics, using the scenery, spectacle, and none of these for much longer. Citing reduced subsidies, the life-blood of their expensive type of theatre, the “troupe” will give one more series of shows called To Be To Not To be, and then quit. Their last show runs from September 15 to October 5.

Says Curving Normality in a farewell review:

Combining abstract narrative with the outstanding locations of their performances, the absurd visual compositions and daring stunts made their performances unsurpassed. I’ve seen them flood a ships-dock with a million liters of water (yes, some in the audience had some seriously wet feet), paraglide inside theater Carré (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), but also perform more tender scenes using small light after sunset in their out-door locations.

As always, the location the Dogtroep selected for yesterday’s performance was closely tied to their narrative. Using the outdoor location provided by the remains of the old steel factory ‘Montan’, the actors literally dug to find the unknown history of this forlorn place. Will they, the Dogtroep, become such a place themselves, or is there another message to be seen in this? As they say for themselves, the basis for this performance “at the edge of existence” are the plans, personages, and dreams that emerge from the crater they dig themselves.

Via BN/De Stem (Dutch).

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