Blog08: ‘Build something you love’


Gabe Mac and Pete Cashmore

Just like a real rock show, there was a spontaneous afterparty at Blog08 which consisted of a bunch of speakers and attendees taking a ferry boat to Amsterdam North and knocking back some bottled Heineken out of crates in a bunker. Here you have Pete Cashmore of Mashable (I said he was American, but he’s Scottish) being vlogged by Gabe Mac of in the perfect grunge setting.

I had a great time, met tons of people from the Netherlands, England, Estonia, Slovenia and what have you and have enough tips to keep me and 24oranges busy for a while (see photo below). I very much enjoyed the casually dressed atmosphere and my first time using a Twitter back channel (constantly updated micro-blogging comments on screen), which was a real source of ‘infotainment’.

Blog08, the one-day extravagaza dedicated to blogging, vlogging and the blogosphere organised by Einstein generation hopefuls Ernst-Jan Pfauth and his mate Edial Dekker was a success that needs an encore in 2009.

Check out more photos here on Flickr.

Rocking blog

(Photos: Natasha)


  1. Jeroen Mirck says:

    It was a great afterparty and a good fit to the Blog(08)osphere. The event itself was dynamic and inspirational. Keep on building a rocking blog here!

  2. Orangemaster says:

    Thanks for your rocking example of journalistic biais :)

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