Guess the political party


Here’s the 1981 party programme of… can you guess? The programme was for the parliamentary elections. I left out #10, because that one’s a bit of a dead give-away, even today. (No peeking at the picture now!)

  1. More democracy through the introduction of referendums
  2. A job for every Dutch person, possibly with additional social security
  3. Away with the atrocious housing shortage
  4. Bi-lateral nuclear disarmament
  5. War on drug trade and crime
  6. The cheap gas stays here
  7. No to reducing social security, yes to combatting tax fraud and abuse of social security.
  8. Against black and red racism and fascism
  9. Dealing efficiently with animal abuse, pollution and destruction of the landscape.
  10. ???

Immediately noticeable is that this party was ahead of its time. The environment, referendums, nuclear disarmament, and animal rights are not just items that everybody seems to agree on nowadays, the latter has even got a special interest party in the Lower House, namely the Partij voor de Dieren (Party for the rights of animals).

Number 10, by the way, was: stop immigration.

And the party was Centrumpartij, which later got outlawed for being a criminal organisation (Dutch) that regularly incited racial hatred.

Via David Rietveld (yes, him), who posted more posters for that year.

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  1. Eric says:

    Lots of political parties those days shared these ideas, or at least some.The party wasn’t ahead….it’s just that nothing changed….pretty sad that we wasted 30 years in this respect, it just got worse.

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