Heavy metal is bad for kids and my beauty sleep



In the growing catergory of the War on fun and religious people publically showcasing their crisis of faith to the media who enjoy running with it, let’s take a stab at a golden oldie target-wise: heavy metal music.

A local religious association from Middelstum (Stichting de Cederborg), some 15 km from Groningen, is protesting against a pop event called Sunsation that’s been around for years. They claim the music pushes kids to suicide and oh yeah, they make noise. “Rap and pop rock have a negative influence on children and heavy metal is really focused on suicide. And we have church on Sunday. It’s important to get a good night’s rest.”

I’m totally down with that last bit (the rest part), but the first bit is top quality bull, and not a good way to win an argument in 2009. The organisers of the event explain that the Cederborg people are trying to draw attention to something the event has nothing to do with. The organisers are also avidly looking for a better location.

(Link: rtvnoord.nl, Photo: treehugger.com )


  1. Neil says:

    It’s not the heavy metal it’s the alienation.

    U2 on Letterman 3/3/2009 or is that 2009/03/03
    (not heavy metal but it’ll do in a pinch)

  2. Darth Paul says:

    The “christian” gadfly strikes again.

  3. Heavy metal listener says:

    Suicide? i dont think so
    Heavy metal isnt all about suicide That is so typical for people to judge
    its a genre? big deal any artist can sing about suicide
    what about rap and rnb ect ect they sing about sex , drugs what they do to woman its disgusting!
    but im not saying all rnb ect ect sings about it
    You cant go judging genres because of what you think it is
    i do music for electives and we are learning about all the different genres and what they sing about.
    I strongly disagree with this article or whatever it is
    Because heavymetal can be sung about anything.
    That is my opinion!

  4. nev says:

    “It is a lifetyle…the music is part of your life and you live it and breath it every day!”—Pantera drumer VINNIE PAUL

    ok this is an example that heavy metal isn’t all SATANIC or SUICIDAL brain washing music! marlyn manson for instance is a very briliant man if people would take the time to listen to him speak his thoughts with the media and the public blaming METAL for the war, suicide, and crimes going on in life. The media, parents, public blow this shit WWAAAAAAAAYYYY out of proportion. Instead of blaming rock and roll for all of the problems with kids why dont you look at the kids PARENTS or what actually goes on in the kids life instead of blaming many peoples love and “lifestyle” or heavy metal.

  5. Ayla says:

    Heavy Metal and related genres are probably all the music that isn’t sung about sex, love, dancing and drugs. Alot of it advocates individuality and standing up for yourself, and not worrying about tradition and not being someone because another told you to, is Stichting de Cederborg afraid that the kids will think for themselves and choose another religious/spiritual path from theirs? Or that they won’t live the identical lifestyle to what THEY advocate? Oh so scary! I mean, seriously, BILL HALEY AND THE COMETS was once rebellious music, who says Matal will be considered “rebel” forever? One day the music industry will come up with something way more “rebellious, you never know. And besides, Heavy Metal and other Metal categories are awesome! I’m sick of being judged for the music I listen to, and the music also being judged because it isn’t “mainstream” over here. Long Live Metal!

  6. bob says:

    There’s Christian Metal as well.

    Holy Blood
    Frost Like Ashes
    As I Lay Dying (for metalheads, I KNOW they’re metalcore…)
    Becoming the Archetype

    There’s a lot more. Keep an open mind.

    Also, there’s a LOT of metal that doesn’t promote suicide. Actually, none of it does.

  7. AK says:

    Heavy Metal is not all about suicide, drugs, satan and all that shit that narrow minded people think. Heavy Metal is all about standing for the truth, to fight for yourself.

  8. Anny says:

    Your crazy, you should listen to metal some time in your life.

  9. Jeffery L. says:

    kk look u guys r a bunch of idiots just because there is heavier music out doesn’t mean that it will lead to suicide mainly y people go towards suicide is because they have problems with coping to life and what not another reason y heavy metal isn’t bad is because it talks somewhat about people fighting for their rights. Heavy metal doesn’t just go towards satan at all there are people that sing well scream about satan that includes deicide, vital remains, cradle of filth, dimmu borgir, naglfar, etc. but there are bands such as skillet, demon hunter, as i lay dying, august burns red, the devil wears paroda, etc. that sing about christ and that’s all they sing about. Heavy metal isn’t just about suicide, drugs, satan, homicide and so on it’s a type of music that shows the way of truth and it shows that you are standing up for yourself when it comes to certain situations

  10. matt says:

    i agree wit jeff he’s right

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