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Obama and fried chicken, Heineken logo rip-off




Forget the fried chicken story: there’s no real Dutch angle to it, unless you want to celebrate the 400-year friendship between The Netherlands and New York City, although it’s a stretch. It’s a Brooklyn restaurant called Obama and people protested in front of it because implying that African Americans eat fried chicken is racist. Do they serve watermelon for desert?

Look at the logo of this Obama fried chicken joint: do you see the resemblance or is my coffee playing tricks on me? That red star caused enough problems for Heineken, are we going to go on a commie witch hunt soon, too?

(Link:, Photo by Paul Lowry, some rights reserved.)

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  1. Neil says:

    The owners of the restaurant have no shame appropriating Obama’s popularity or Heineken’s for that matter. Trademarks are protected. Then name Obama is public domain.

  2. Fallynn says:

    I think it’s bullshit that they did a mock-up of the Heineken label. Though, I do find it hilarious that it’s an Obama restaurant for fried chicken! We had joked about the national bird being changed to a fried chicken when Obama took office. :P

  3. Darth Paul says:

    Fallyn get’s the Klan Achievement Award for Comedy today. o_o

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