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Somalian piracy explained in short Dutch film


Utrecht-based, Benin-born filmmaker Didier Chabi made a simple film interviewing three Dutch guys of Somalian descent trying to explain in laymen’s terms why Somalian pirates keep attacking ships in the Gulf of Aden.

The film (in Dutch) raises some interesting questions: why shoot the pirates after they’ve been arrested? Is that really necessary? “They negotiate with captors of non African countries and don’t kill them when they are caught. But they shoot the Somalians. No one in the film understands why and label it racism.

One guy explains that the Spanish started fishing in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean and dumping toxic waste, which resulted in them being attacked, or simply put, the Somalians defending themselves and their rights. Another simple reason for the piracy is that although Somalia has an advantageous geographical position, it hasn’t really led to any economic advantage for Somalians, a very poor African country.

No matter how reprehensible piracy is, it didn’t start in a vacuum, as the media tends to portray, according to the film.


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  1. Jay Vos says:

    Thanks for this video and explanation.

  2. Sandra Walter says:

    It is very important to ask for the reasons of piracy in the golf of somalia. I saw in differnet films how the people survive in Somalia. They really have no easy life in there country which is very dry country like a dessert. The Somalis need a help to get better conditions than maybe the problem of piracy will stopp. They need machines to produce drinking water and very important the also need more food. Often they pirates capture the boates because of the food reserve from europe which is on it. But still it is imortant that somalian politian come in dialog with european union.

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