Bodybuilders flee doping check


All 20 contestants of the Belgian bodybuilding championship fled the venue in the Dutch city of Vlissingen, Zeeland, yesterday when three doping inspectors entered the room. The championship was cancelled, and the 300 or so spectators had to go home without seeing a single bodybuilder compete.

One of the inspectors, doctor Hans Cooman, told Nieuwsblad (Dutch): “I have never witnessed anything like it.” Nieuwsblad insinuates that the organisers of these contests often move their competitions off-shore in the hope of escaping doping tests even though these tests can be held anywhere. Says Cooman: “Sometimes sports federations take the initiative and invite us to come by, like the cycling union does. But we have never had an invitation like this from bodybuilders.”

(Photo by Jo Christian Oterhals, partially based on a photo by Lin Mei, both some rights reserved)


  1. Boxhead says:

    This is a funny story. Even though it´s sad for the viewers, I can understand the competitors. Everyone should decide for himself if he uses steroids or not.

  2. JohnT says:

    To use steroids for bodybuilders, they must under a doctor’s care to administer these powerful artificial hormone boosting steroids in order to do it right.

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