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Paying big bucks for using embedded radio players



Dutch copyright collection agency Buma/Stemra, lovingly abbreviated to B/S, is seriously thinking of charging 780 euro a year for the use of embedded radio players on websites, the same price usually paid by commercial webradios to broadcast. Commercial webradios represent only 20% of the webradios in the Netherlands— I know because I own a webradio station and also know that the other 80% are all non-profit hobbyists and usually pay what I pay, which is some 371.28 euro including Value Added Tax (19%). The B/S website still says 312 euro. Tsk, tsk.

Many websites who are not members of B/S have been paying for the use of embedded radio players under copyright law since 2002. B/S claims that under their rules, they are not punishable, but are punishable under copyright law and will be fined retroactively. It really pays to play fair and be innovative once again in this country.

The courts have not yet given B/S the legal green light to start collecting money for embedded player use, so for B/S to do so without legal permission— which is what is being insinuated apparently— is illegal. It’s going to get nasty.

Don’t get me wrong: the Dutch are used to paying for everything and even want to do so like I do, but not when they have no idea who or what they are paying for. It remains vague, incomprehensible and frustrating.

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