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People from Drenthe just don’t get fined


Golly gee whiz darn! The police of the province of Drenthe, a region that boasts mostly farms and open spaces, can’t fine enough drivers of any kind and can’t meet their quotas. They don’t do naughty things like drive through red lights, they wear helmets on motorbikes and scooters, and don’t drink and drive. Sadly, the province is missing out on a lot of income due to the respect for the law in Drenthe and there’s of course nothing the police can do to turn people into asocial SOBs like in the rest of the country.

No wait, I have an idea: let the cops abuse people. Beat them up for nothing and kick tail lights in. It works wonders.

(Link:, Photo: a Grecav Eke pick-up microcar, by FaceMePLS, some rights reserved)

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  1. Neil says:

    Google translates: ASSEN – Drent Egyptians are so neatly in the traffic police’s fine arrangements for this year is far from falling. They barely drive through red, wearing a helmet nicely as they should not drink and drive.

    It reports the Times of the North.

    The fine arrangements were established last year with the Office of the Public Ministry for Traffic. They are so far achieved, so much income is missed.

    “If people follow the rules, we of course much to do,” said police chief at the French Bakery Dagblad van het Noorden

    Are there are problems with Netherlands police “abuse people. Beat them up for nothing and kick tail lights in” or is that ironic commentary?

  2. Orangemaster says:

    Firstly, Google doesn’t translate, Google screws up.

    That last bit was VERY ironic commentary, although police are known to do many illegal things and get caught.

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