Make polaroids out of your own pics



Although tech blog Techcrunch ran this story this summer, it seems they weren’t really interested in the people behind the site who are — you know it — Dutch. At the risk of being told by friends that I’m playing ‘Zoek de Nederlander’ (“Find the Dutch person”), a friend, Maurice Sikkink told me about one of the many sites he has, including Rollip.

Rollip is a site that lets you turn your ordinary pictures into those slightly discoloured but oh so lovable Polaroid pictures. Maurice tells me that it is almost impossible to properly reproduce these ‘fake’ Polaroids on real film, making the digital version much more desirable. People can sign up for Rollip pro and have their pictures processed with many kinds of filters. I can imagine that for a travel magazine or a 1970s article on someone’s family that a Polaroid-like picture would definitely jazz things up.

Back in the 1970s my parents had a Polaroid land camera and I still have a lot of Polaroid pics of myself, including this one, ironically taken by co-blogger Branko back in 2000. Another Polaroid I have, which I will publish if you insist, is of me and — I kid you not — Mormon poster child singer Donny Osmond.


  1. mare says:

    I’m surprised they can use the name Polaroid and that they use the iconic format of the Polaroid photos (square picture framed with a larger strip of white below it) without getting sued for patent/copyright infringement. I read Polaroid sued other people using this before (but my Google fu is lacking at the moment).

    But maybe they don’t care anymore since they don’t make the film nor the cameras anymore. And apparently Polaroid doesn’t have a patent on the faded colours…

  2. Ed says:

    fake polaroids are ghastly and anyone who thinks they look “real” has obviously never seen a real polaroid. I’m sure the inventor is a nice person but he’s responsible for lots of idiots posting “fake polaroids” in places like flickr claiming they’re real.

    btw Mare, polaroid film and cameras ARE being made again. when your google is functioning again, search for “impossible project.”

  3. Ed says:

    one more thing orangemaster, I can’t believe you wrote about a fake polaroid program when the rebirth of polaroid film is happening in your own country.

  4. Orangemaster says:

    In my own country? I can’t possibly know what’s going in the Netherlands ALL the time, nor Canada.

    And why so sour? It’s just a programme.

  5. Neil says:

    Ed, you can offer the same information without the attitude and get a welcome reception. Welcome Ed!

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