Students sell Ritalin to make some cash



Oh dear, students are selling their Ritalin online! Six boxes of pills for 150 euro, saving you a trip to the doctor’s with someone’s annoyingly hyperactive child. No wait, they actually prescribe Ritalin to students so they can concentrate better on their exams. And then there’s this famous American telly programme where a mom with four children took her eldest son’s Ritalin to be able to get the household chores done and be the perfect wife and mother. Scary.

Apparently, the party people get off on the similar effect it has to speed or cocaine. I talked to someone younger recently who tried it and said it did help him concentrate better than too much coffee or drinking litres of water, which would explain why students are into Ritalin. Other friends from way back used to just do cocaine with their teachers at university. It was ‘the only way’ to get so many projects done without sleeping.

Healthcare inspectors aim their crackdown efforts on professional sellers of the drug, not students trying to make some extra cash, which they say is a huge problem. I’m saving my last codeine-laced ibuprofen pill for a worthy headache.

The link (pic) shown here has been removed, but the Internet has a good memory.


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  1. Darth Paul says:

    We were doing that back in the 90s. Adderall is students’ choice these days in the US.

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