Drinking wine by numbers


Picking a wine if you have no idea what you are doing can be a painful process, especially if you have only the bottle’s label to go by. To reduce ‘choice stress’, 94wines.com has taken every last bit of confusing information from the bottle and put a number in its place. If you liked the 51 last time, you know you should buy it again. If you didn’t, you know to leave that number alone the next time.

I am sure true wine connoisseurs will be outraged by the idea of objectifying wine, but hey, it’s the naughties, baby, at least for one more month.

A short online wine test should help to get you underway for the first purchase by determining the basic flavours you want. Young marketing buffs Lucas Tieleman and Sander de Jonge came up with the whole concept.

(Source photo: 94wines.com. Link: De Pers.)

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