Grenades found with potatoes



Yesterday at the Farm Frites fries factory in Oudenhoorn, South Holland, three WWII grenades were harvested along with the potatoes. The cops were called in and the grenades were taken away. Oh no, wait. In Dutch fashion, they had a discussion about whether the grenades were dangerous or not.

One of the comments to this discovery is ‘patatje oorlog’, which literally means ‘war fries’ and is a junkfood dish of fries with all kinds of sauces that looks like war took place. Notice I don’t use the word ‘French’ with my fries simply because fries were never French, they were Flemish (Belgian) back in the day. And using ‘freedom’ to describe fries is for losers.

(Link: waarmaarraar, Photo of grenade by macspite, some rights reserved)

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