Public transport chip card opens dustbins


To add to the problems and weirdness surrounding the country’s new public transport chip card, a circus that is in its second year, students at the University of Eindhoven have a nice video for you in Dutch.

Students got their special, reduced rate cards not long ago and lo and behold, they don’t work with certain bus companies, can’t be topped up properly sometimes or too much is often deducted from the card and a whole list of other issues.

Just like magic, in this video, you can see the erratic public transport chip card open the city’s underground dustbins that can apparently only be opened with a special city pass that is linked to one’s postal code, as to only dump trash in your own ‘hood.



  1. Invader_Stu says:

    If it works that badly at least they can use it to open a bin and then throw it inside :p

  2. […] posting a video a on how a public transport chip card opens dustbins in Eindhoven, now there’s a sequel and prequel of dustbins in Amsterdam North that can be […]

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