Good morning Vancouver!



There I was, just popping over to the Turkish shop across the street when I noticed that the billboard on the corner had changed adverts.

And there I was trying to find a link between Vancouver and The Netherlands!

I know that this advert would never be accepted anywhere in Canada and that it’s no big deal here and simply funny. There’s a cultural difference right there. No freaked out parents claming this traumatises youth. It’s a nice change from the usually photoshopped tits and ass featuring underaged girls for useless products. As if the men’s speed skating outfits weren’t revealing enough.


  1. Neil says:

    That’s not just a fig leaf.

  2. What a coincedence! I just posted a photo of this up on my Flickr page for my blog [].

    I love your blog! Some of the best coverage of all things expat in NL :-) Keep it up!

  3. Orangemaster says:

    I know your blog! Going to add you on all the good social networks. And thanks for your kind words!

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