Famous Matisse painting on display at Amsterdam Hermitage


The Amsterdam Hermitage museum has Henri Matisse’s painting The Dance on loan for six weeks since last Thursday.

The Russian ministry of culture has recently given its permission for the painting to be loaned to the Amsterdam museum. According to Telegraaf, this is the first time The Dance (1910) is on display in the Netherlands.

The painting is part of the Matisse tot Malevich exhibition (From Matisse to Malevich) which runs from March 6 – September 17. Amsterdam got its own dependency of the famous Russian Hermitage in June 2009. The museum is housed in the former Amstelhof retirement home on the Amstel river.

(Image: hermitage.nl)

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  1. Emel Danisman says:

    i lost my heart in hermitage on january….:)russian hermitage pieces were perfect, and of course amsterdam hermitage museum was perfect… i hope i will see “matisse” until september…

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