The Starry Night in breakfast cereal


It would seem corn and Van Gogh’s The Starry Night are indelibly connected in the American imagination. First Don McLean wrote a popular song about the painting, and now pupils of Sky View high school in Smithfield, USA, have recreated the work in breakfast cereal.

Using the school’s gymnasium as a canvas, 150 pupils poured two tons of colourful Malt-O-Meal on the floor to create a 22 x 27 metre masterpiece. The school hopes that this will get students to appreciate art. The project was finished on Saturday and was removed afterwards and fed to pigs.

Fox has photos.

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  1. Jay Vos says:

    When I was 15 yo in high school, our art teacher (Yale School of Art grad) was big on Josef Albers color theory and I used a spectrum of color strips from paint samples and colors from magazines to glue them on – “paint” – a 6″ x 8″ cardboard of the Starry Night painting.

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