Bicycle rush hour in Utrecht


In this time lapse video of the traffic at a busy intersection in Utrecht, the participants are weaving in and out in almost perfect harmony. The effect is positively hypnotic.

I am given to understand that what makes this video by Mark Wagenbuur special is that the main form of transportation in it is the humble bicycle. As a result, the video has gone viral among treehuggers.

Link: Metafilter. Video: Youtube.


  1. Jay Vos says:

    It’s a sort of Dutch style Koyaanisqatsi (which was also hypnotic), but without the frenetic pace. The sound on the Utrecht video also has its own musical quality!

  2. BM says:

    Why are there so few people giving the proper hand signals?

  3. Eric says:

    @BM Because then they would be slapping the bicyclists riding in the opposite direction in the face ;-)

  4. […] week I linked to a video by Mark Wagenbuur that showed what bicycle rush hour looks like at Utrecht Central Station. If you watched that video you could be forgiven to believe […]

  5. BM says:


    Sounds like even more reason to give the hand signals!

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