Parool newspaper doesn’t want to pay for its daily strip


A row in Dutch comics land! About a month ago newspaper Parool called for fresh cartoonists and then told them that it would not pay them for their work.

Comics artist Sandra de Haan did not like this one bit and started a Facebook page called “Stripmakers zouden geen gratis strips aan kranten moeten leveren” (Comics makers should not let newspapers publish them for free), and fellow Zone 5300 editor Michael Minneboo wrote about the whole brouhaha.

Turns out that Parool was looking for amateur comics artists who could use a leg up in the big bad world of publishing. Editor-in-chief Barbara van Beukering admitted the mistake to Minneboo: “The text in our call [for comics] could definitely be called misleading, for which I apologize.”

Parool has since then changed the wording of its advertisement.

You would think that with the funk that both the newspaper industry and the European comics industry are in, the two groups would treat each other with a bit more understanding.

At the least the affair led to another Brom & Vlieg episode which can be read—absolutely free of charge —at Sandra’s website.

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