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Carbon neutral condom to hit Dutch market


Online shop Biocosmetica in Dordrecht announced this week that it will be selling a condom (The ‘Lovepack’) that is carbon neutral, made of rubber from sustainable forests. As well, the rubber planters will be paid fairly for their goods, making them fair trade items as well.

That should give some people a clear conscience, although condoms are bad for the environment no matter how you make them.

(Link: spitsnieuws, Photo of Rubber plant by Dinesh Valke, some rights reserved)

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  1. Michelangelo says:

    Why are condoms bad for the environment? Diseases, unplanned pregnancies and overpopulation would be much worse.

  2. Orangemaster says:

    Just because the results of not using condoms are worse (I am totally for using them!), doesn’t change the fact that condoms are bad for the environment as they are not biodegradable.

  3. Orangemaster says:

    And if you look around you carefully, we already have diseases, unplanned pregnancies and overpopulation.

  4. Gary says:

    That’s because not enough people are using condoms. Duh.

  5. Orangemaster says:

    That’s some serious faulty logic :)

  6. Used condoms could be shredded very fine and added to frikandel filling. Nobody would notice.

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